What we do

In the following three texts we explain what we do, in which situations we help you and who we target as our customer.

What we do

Many of your daily tasks are likely still done manually. Yes, maybe digital, but having hundreds of Excel spreadsheets is just not scalable and very dissatisfying. Maybe it is hard for you to envision, what custom software can do in those kinds of situations. That's why we regularly offer free of charge strategy sessions to talk about possibilities and discover your individual potential together.

Example Project

Back office is receiving too many emails per day, which they only have to pass on anyways. The reason the mail is delivered that way is to presort them and find the correct person. How about a program that detects categories and automatically converts emails into tickets, which can be assigned to the correct employee. More structure, more overview and faster results.

Our target customer

The most common customer we encounter is a business owner or manager of a company with between five and 200 employees. They know the problems within the company and is the best person to strategize with about new projects.

Our expert knowledge

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A database is initially an organized collection of data. After digitization, for example, your customer data is in a sorted state in a database.

Our efforts in the fight against SARS-CoV-2

In the fight against the pandemic, we have developed a contactless guest registration system and support local restaurants and companies free of charge. In cooperation, we provide our time and expertise in the field of digitization.

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